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Hey, I'm sitting on about 2k and was wondering what is the best way to make bank in the GGSMP?

You can try making a cactus farm or carrot farm for a start, once you get 100k or higher get a cow spawner 
You can also try selling gold nuggets because they sell for more than gold ingots

but the second one only works with gg+ lol


but still cactus and carrot farm are good for start money
best xp farm? not the enderman farm (although its cheaper) a blaze farm gets you the most xp in the whole game (besides the wither ofc)
you can also make a wither farm and get the same ammount of exp as you would get from endermen

honestly a cactus farm is probaly the best way to make money

buld 2or 3 layers and afk or something for an hour and youve got 10k

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