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I'm RevengeNM. I am a default player, like most of the other players on this server. I am growing less and less happy with this server.

The first time I logged on, I joined a team. We were going pretty well until a hacker destroyed everything that I owned. I decided to join some other team, but, yet again, someone ruined the base. It was actually a mod. He killed me, killed my teammate, and destroyed the base. This was in 2 days of me joining. The server then reset. Just today, a random GG++ killed me. I trusted him and he killed me. This probably sounds like a sob story, but I am getting tired. I thought that I could finally enjoy some time on the server, but no. Time and time again I get reset by some idiot looking for a high by killing random people because there is no repercussion. I hate this. This is what is wrong with so many eagler servers including this one. Once some people reach a height of power, they have to settle with killing defenseless players for fun.

Hello, I would like to know what staff member killed you and if they abused their perms. In addition, it isn't special to "eagler servers" that users will kill new players. This is why I suggest you look for things to do on the server in advance. Also, ranks such as GG++ and GG+ do nothing to gain an edge in PVP or anything. Also, what do you mean by server reset? NewGG released a few days ago, and it is much better than the oldgg in terms of items and more. 

He didn't abuse his perms but he tp to my base and did kill me, I'm tired of things like this happening. I have been reset by random people repeatedly. I understand that GG+ or ++ don't give any edge. Also I meant how the survival is new now. I agree ( I like the new items) but Im still mad.

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