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IP: wss:// (server is 1.8) (edited)
Java ip:
Commands list:
/shop : opens the server shop 
/rtp : randomly teleports you
/nick : lets you set a nickname
/fly: toggle fly (edited)
/sethome sets a home and /home TPs you there 
/tpa (username) tps you to a username. The person has to accept.
/back teleports you to the last place you died or where you were before you tped anywhere.
/pay (username) gives the person set amount of money (deducted from your balence).
/hat sets the item in hand as your hat.
/sit makes you sit (do /sit again to toggle).
/nv toggles night vision.
/ah opens the ah.
/ah sell sells an item on the ah.
/emotes list lists emotes.
/pv opens player vault (1-10)
/trade trades with someone.
/repair repairs your items for 100$.
/heal heals you for 100$.
/feed Feeds you for 100$.
/pot compresses all potions into a stack.
/condense compresses your ingots/ores into blocks.
/buyclaimblocks (amount) buys claim blocks for 5 dollars each.
/playtime (shows playtime).
/enchant (enchant gui).
/tpauto (auto accept tpa requests).
/compass (shows direction you are facing).
/depth (see how deep you are below sea level).
/paytoggle (disable payments, don't know why you would want this)
/disposal opens a trash that deletes all items once you close the menu.
/discord brings up the discord link.
/xp do this to see your xp info.
/discord link links your MC account to Discord.
/mail send and read mail.
 /friends and /friends add to add friend.
/Ignore to block someone, and /ignorelist to see everyone you have blocked.
/tptoggle to toggle TPA requests.
 /fastcraft toggle to toggle the crafting.
GUI type these in chat and it will show them. [ping] (shows ping}  [xp[time] (shows world time) [inv] shows inv [ender] shows ender chest [item] links items [money] to show money type [/command] to make a command show up in chat. [playime] shows playtime. show up that types it out when people click on it in chat. !
ip, !client, !site (type these in discord) 
chest shop guide:,Using%20shops,-It%27s%20easy!%20Just scret doors guide:
doing /discord link makes In Game pings ping you in discord, too.
you can ping someone in game, and it will make a ding noise on their end.
You can do /minesite login to link your forums to your minecraft account.

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