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Welcome To GGSMP.

How to enter: 

When you join you're gonna have to do /register [Password] [Password]. then you will spawn in the lobby. you will see a screen on the wall. It will say KitPvP & GG SMP. You're gonna have to right-click the one that says "GG SMP" and then you're gonna be tp'd to the server. When you join you will see spawn If You joined GG SMP.

Guide for GG SMP gameplay:

Upon joining GGSmp you will spawn with basic stone tools and an iron chest plate + 16 bread and a book on how to claim. You will want to use /rtp and find a good spot to start farming for materials. Coal is recommended for selling. By selling certain items you gain money, which can be used to buy gear, blocks, food, and other useful or decorative items. If you plan on doing Player VS Player then it is recommended to also grind experience points for custom enchantments. You will also want to get the normal enchants, like protection and sharpness. here's a tip, some things may be cheaper to craft than to buy. If you are gonna go the peaceful route, instead then well do whatever you can to build something, start a farm, grab illegal documents from the government, anything is possible (within permissions). If you are lucky, you may be able to apply for staff like builder or trial mod and if you manage to get accepted then congrats, but also try not to abuse it. like using Builder to give yourself free stuff, or using your mod to punish people for no reason. If you behave and be a staff correctly then you may get promoted. try not to get TOO attached to anything you have as the server does reset into a new season after a while but still make sure to be active and friendly with the community.

Some Rules: 

Don't Hack, or  Cheat and Keep Chat clear of any Slurs, thanks. :D

Don't ask for staff 

Don't Disrespect the Staff

Don't Spam DM the Owners or staff 



Credit: MendingIsABum and ieatfungus64 (and me)

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